Brazil is betting big on the MTB: the success of the Chaoyang Estrada Real International Marathon


When you think of mountain bike powers, it is likely that Brazil will not come to you. But in recent years mountain biking is growing dramatically in that South American country. With Europe as a reference, events of international stature arise with organizations focused on achieving the maximum possible impact and on gaining a foothold on the international scene. However, in this country they have a SHC stage test, an S1 and an S2, XCO UCI races and tests of the UCI Marathon Series. Much more than most European countries. The company Avelar Sports and its first big event of this 2018, the Chaoyang Estrada Real International Marathon, are a great example of how to do things well looking for the best for sport.

We already announced it at the time. The International Chaoyang Estrada Real Marathon was presented with important news. I was going to have a live broadcast that could also be followed through Facebook Live. Older words for an event of these characteristics. Nothing of a circuit of XC of 5km that cover with fixed cameras. It was a test of bike-marathon with about 70km around the tourist town of Ouro Branco. Helicopters, quads, fixed cameras and a very large technological structure are indispensable for this. The objective was clear. Publicize the test and position it as a reference within the broad Brazilian calendar, but also open the way for greater challenges in the near future.

It was the first time that Avelar Sports, the organizing company led by Felipe Avelar, embarked on a challenge of these dimensions. Much to learn and the best way to gain experience to repeat this type of coverage in upcoming events. Because this is just the beginning of the path they have decided to undertake. 3 helicopters, 6 trucks, 4 quads … are part of the great structure that gave life to the test.

But the International Chaoyang Estrada Real Marathon will not only be known by live broadcast. At first, it was a success of absolute participation. 1,600 cyclists took part in the scheduled tests. Depleted registrations. In addition, a spectacular, fully covered exhibition area of ​​2,000 square meters was created. Full of popular local brands in Brazil, where the arrival of foreign products is heavily taxed. Sense, TSW, Caloi … are just some of the brands that only a few will know here but in Brazil they are real giants. 45 stands distributed in different areas. So much so that, for example, Sense had just announced the purchase of the South African brand Swift Carbon a few days before. A fair of dimensions that you will rarely see associated with a competition in Europe.

All this in a festive and relaxed atmosphere and with bikers who showed a passion and interest rarely seen in Europe, except in World Cup-sized events. Any sport, replete with the public, wins many, including the MTB.

The International Chaoyang Estrada Real Marathon in numbers
3 R66 Turbine Helicopters
2,000 square meters of covered area
12 Motorcycles
150 staff
6 trucks – mobile unit, studio …
45 Stands
Area Kids
4 quads
4 Forklifts
3 rescue vehicles
2 Mobile ITU
700 meters of fencing
10 cameras
12 photographers
1 Led Panel
2 Industrial Drinkers
200 Cones
400 Chairs
100 Tables
Shimano Neutral Support



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