Cyclists Luiz Henrique Cocuzzi and Letícia Candido win the XCO Internacional Estrada Real 2017


The Fazenda da Chácara Hotel in Santana dos Montes, Minas Gerais, witnessed one of the biggest mountain bike shows with the presence of the biggest names in Brazilian sport, resulting in intense disputes and the historic moment with the opening of the Chacara Bike Park.

“We have about 300 participants. Our focus was to put together a really fun XCO track to ride, unlike what has been done in other events lately. The 4.8-kilometer circuit was good to pedal, so the rider felt the pleasure of being there. With this, we ensure fierce competition, being more attractive to the public “- says Felipe Avelar, organizer of the events XCO International Estrada Real, XCM Internacional Estrada Real and the MTB XCO E XCM Championships 2017.

“Another differential was the structure that we set up for the public, in which we elaborated a covered area with tables and chairs so that the people would follow the test with comfort, in the shade, taking a juice, a beer … Area of ​​support near the start. This also greatly facilitated those who accompanied the athletes. Another difference was the launch of Chácara Bike Park, with all the trails open in hand, guaranteeing the perfect fluidity for the pedaling, in several levels. In addition, the complete structure of the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel, always very comfortable in the midst of nature, “added the organizer.

High level competition

The main cyclists of Brazil were present at the XCO International of Estrada Real, in search of precious points in the UCI ranking, CBC and the state title.

“It was a very tight race from the start, with a squad of 7 to 10 athletes in the first three laps. At a strategic point, I started on the fourth lap and got an advantage in the lead, holding until the end to win “, says champion Luiz Henrique Cocuzzi, from São Paulo (SP). In second place was Sherman Trezza, a native of Lambari (MG), with this the first miner to cross the finish line in the men’s elite, getting the title of champion MTB XCO 2017.

“Track was very diverse, fast, with climbs, plans and singletracks, the circuit was a lot of fun to pedal. It was a very well structured event. It is very good to have a UCI race in Brazil and are important points in the international ranking “- described the champion.

In the women’s elite, the fight was between the Minas Letícia Cândido and the experienced Érika Grasmiscelli.

“The test was great. Felipe Avelar has an excellent structure and organization. The event at the Fazenda da Chácara Hotel was quite typical of a bike park. A track where any cyclist pedals, but for professionals the difference was in the speed in making the route that required enough agility. And the very steep and long climb where was the point to essential for many athletes to stand out. My test could not have been better, I was the champion, I managed to connect well with the pressure of the second place that marked the whole track during the 5 laps and I arrived with 30 seconds of advantage “- comments the champion Letícia Cândido that with the victory also has secured the title of mountain bike champion xco 2017.

Luiz Henrique Cocuzzi – 1h24: 49 (30 UCI points)
Sherman Trezza de Paiva – 1h25: 20 (20 ICU points)
Guilherme Gotardello Muller – 1h25: 45 (15 UCI points)
Rubens Donizete Valeriano – 1h27: 05 (12 UCI points)
Mario Couto – 1h27: 09 (10 UCI points)
Carlos Alberto Fernandes Olimpio – 1h27: 17 (8 UCI points)
Alysson Serra – 1h27: 30 (6 UCI points)
Erick Bruske – 1h28: 38 (4 UCI points)
Edson Gilmar de Rezende – 1h29: 10 (2 UCI points)
Jefferson Batista – 1h31: 03 (1 point UCI)

Letícia Cândido
Érika Gramiscelli
Karen Olimpio
Danielle Maria de Morães
Márcia Helena

Full results on the website of the FMC (Cycling Federation of Minas Gerais).


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