The second stage of the Championship will have an Internship for the Male and Female Elites, for the other categories, the event will take place on Saturday and Sunday with two days of running.

First capital, first village, seat of the first bishopric and first city to be designed in Minas Gerais. The story of Mariana, whose setting is a period of discovery, religiosity, artistic projection and search for gold, is also marked by the pioneering spirit of a region that for three centuries has treasures that remind us of the time of Brazil.

The extraction of iron ore is the main industrial activity of the municipality, strong generator of jobs and public revenue. Its districts develop agricultural activities and present varied crafts, expressing the cultural diversity of Minas Gerais. All this makes “Minas Gerais” one of the most important municipalities of the Gold Circuit and an integral part of the Inconfidentes Trail and the Estrada Real Circuit. A city listed in 1945 as a National Monument and full of riches from the period in which the history of Minas Gerais began to be traced.

Mariana is located about 12 km from Ouro Preto, 45 km from Ouro Branco, 60 km from Itabirito, 70 km from Conselheiro Lafaiete, 70 km from Ponte Nova and 75 km from Congonhas. Its distance from the capital Belo Horizonte is 90 kilometers. In most of the municipality are marked the undulating reliefs and the presence of plateaus. On the border between the municipalities of Mariana and Ouro Preto is the State Park of Itacolomi, where Itacolomi Peak is located, the highest point of Mariana, with 1 772 meters.


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